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10-year Review of Med-Tech Funding Trends

Where Institution Money Is Going, Where It Is Not…And Options for the Not Category

There is a growing concern about funding options for early stage therapeutic devices…a sentiment that I witness firsthand every week as an angel investor and banker. The feeling is that device companies are outcasts when it came to securing the funding needed to move their technology forward – particularly from the institutional investment community. Although biotech, healthcare technology (IT) and cell therapy currently appear as attractive as ever, therapeutic device companies are viewed as undesirable or less attractive opportunities.The following report explores a 10-year review of Med-Tech funding trends.

The analysis contained in this report considers four major healthcare technology sets:

  • Therapeutic devices (orthopedics, cardiac, radiological, etc.);
  • Healthcare technology;
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology

Our data demonstrates that every segment is off from the highs seen during the frothy days of 2007 / 2008 in both number of transactions and on a dollar basis. The exception is the emerging field of healthcare technology, which has seen steady and perhaps even accelerating growth over the same period.

The drop observed in the pharmaceutical and biotech space while precipitous, was not nearly as rough as that seen in the therapeutic device sector. Further, the number of transactions in these two spaces appear to have stabilized and the dollars are trending in a positive direction. Therapeutic devices continue to crater in both dollars and number of transactions.

Why is this happening and what are other options for those in this sector to secure funding?


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