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Acquisition of a resort (or any business) can be a complex undertaking. You’re looking to acquire a property or operating company that will best move your strategy forward. From uncovering unique targets that closely meet your key acquisition criteria to closing the deal, we facilitate the process from start to finish.

You may already be in discussions with a target company or perhaps you are taking the first steps toward a target search. Either way, Mirus moves the process forward to reach a superior outcome that realizes all of your acquisition objectives. With Mirus at your side, you are able to concentrate on running your company while our professionals guide all aspects of the acquisition.

The Mirus process for acquisitions extends from the development of your strategy to its execution. Because successful acquisitions are the result of well-conceived and well-executed integration plans, we help clients plan for as well as implement their transaction strategy. To identify acquisition candidates, we undertake a comprehensive search based on our client’s strategic, geographic, operational and financial criteria. Potential candidates are evaluated to determine which opportunities should command the highest priority, and once the client has expressed interest in a given target, Mirus performs a thorough analysis of the business, its competitive position and future prospects. From the drafting of the letter of intent to the closing, Mirus then acts as both quarterback and coach, moving the process forward while at the same time evaluating the due diligence materials that may confirm or disprove our initial conclusions.

Financing an Acquisition

When you want to acquire a business and need capital to fund the purchase, Mirus helps you analyze and choose from among the many equity and debt options. We assist you in understanding key factors, such as current conditions in the debt and equity markets, the appropriate valuation for the business you’re acquiring, and the tradeoffs involved with debt or equity financing. Finally, we leverage our extensive network of capital sources to connect you with appropriate capital sources, and we guide you through the entire funding process.

Valuation Analysis

Placing a realistic valuation on a business you’re acquiring is crucial to the success of an acquisition and your ability to finance that acquisition. Mirus brings decades of experience as well as a unique perspective to the valuations of resort businesses.

We employ several methodologies in every valuation analysis, providing you with all the internal and external data needed to make a sound acquisition decision. We document our valuations in a comprehensive report, appropriate to the scope of the assignment.

Strategic Consulting

If you want to get a big picture viewpoint before venturing into an acquisition, Mirus Resort Capital can provide valuable counsel. We help identify and carefully analyze all your potential acquisition options. We review strategic alternatives, size business opportunities, and determine what type of business would contribute the most to shareholder value. We also determine the value and availability of potential acquisitions. With our unique combination of financial and operating experience, we are skilled at helping you develop viable acquisition strategies to insure you pay the right price for the right acquisition.