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The End of an Institution…Charlie’s is Closing

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200px-Charlies_Sandwich_Shoppe,_Boston_MAIn our industry, we create tombstones for companies. That’s simply what we do.  When one company is  ‘no longer’ it usually means that it was acquired for the “greater good” of another company…this is not one of those cases.

I am not “a Boston –Guy.”  I worked in  Boston, lived in JP, but, as they say  in Maine, “ a cat can have kittens in the oven, but that don’t make ‘em muffins.”

No, not “ a Boston Guy”.  However, I am a “Diner-Guy.”  A traditional foodie who has spent years in dining rooms from the Catskills to Maine.  A person who sought the gleaming skin of  train like edifices that fed me.  Jeffersonville, NY –Ted’s, Ithaca, NY –The Rosebud, The Old Phaleron, Amherst, NH –Don Merwin and his partner both South End Boston residents, bought a diner, I  attended the opening, Joe Cimino  of Ciao Bella and Daisy’s fame opened a diner on Boylston – I ate there and I would  get off  Route 88 in Bainbridge for a breakfast or lunch, I did a little cooking at Syron’s in Oneonta. I miss the Pig n’ Whistle in Allston, I  helped thaw a dining car that sat on a siding in Bethel, Maine, I still think about purchasing when I see a for sale sign on a diner. Yes, I am a Diner Guy”.

Charlie’s is closing.  Said so in The Boston Globe today. Next month.  Charlie’s is closing.  Where will I ever find such wonderful turkey hash with a single dropped egg?  Where will a morning omelet, enough to feed two, be found with a house salad on the plate.  Where will I go, where will I eat when I venture back to Boston?

To be candid, there are two diners, sort of three in Newton where I live. The old deli in Newton Centre.  ( I miss the deli.) The train station, very nicely done and the former Kentucky Fried Chicken in  Newtonville. That’s nice. Very Nice. BUT,  There are no Arthur, Chris, Fontaine, Marie.  None of the Manjourides third generation, no long time South Enders coming in for an Oatmeal to go for a neighbor.  No jokes, no “how are you”?  No pictures of the famous and not so famous. No “where’ve you been, how’ve you been?” No turkey hash.  Charlie’s is closing.

My best wishes to Chris, Arthur, Fontaine, Marie, your families, employees and the neighbors who have been in and out of your diner for years.  My thanks for the memories and the turkey hash.