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Are Job Postings Going The Way Of The Dodo Bird?

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In a Wall St. Journal article today, Zappos announced that they are taking the ax to job postings.  Instead, would-be Zappos employees will have to join a social network called Zappos Insiders, where they will be given opportunities to enter contests, answer Q&As, etc., all to prove that they’re Zappos’ type of people.

In the background, Zappos recruiters will use Ascendify’s mobile talent acquisition platform to help sort the “Insiders” based on skill sets or personal interests, and then load pipelines for different departments within the company.

In another take on the same idea, General Motor’s “Silver Medalist Strategy” involves keeping runners up for jobs updated via emails and texts when new jobs open up for which they are qualified.  They’re also invited to join communities on LinkedIn and Facebook where recruiters can answer questions about life and work at GM.

What do you think – is this the wave of the future, or just a kooky idea that won’t last?