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Ramp Sports And The Intuit Small Business Competition

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For some days now, the refrain on the news has been, “I’m ashamed of (or embarrassed by) our government.”  Sometimes it was “our country”, sometimes it was “to be an American”.  Challenging times. Read on for an encouraging story, unfolding as I write this, spearheaded by an American entrepreneur, with American investors, American workers, and a growing market in the USA. It is a story about Mike Kilchenstein of Park City, Utah, and his manufacturing/marketing/sales organization; RAMP SPORTS.

Intuit has a competition going on. Small businesses have an opportunity to win a commercial spot during the upcoming Super Bowl. RAMP SPORTS, a Park City, Utah-based manufacturer and direct seller of skis, snow boards, and stand-up paddle boards has entered. RAMP is the concept of Mike Kilchenstein, a former Rossignol Ski senior team member. Below is his story. Have a look, have a read, and take a minute to cast a vote for RAMP SPORTS in the Intuit contest. It’s encouraging to see a home-grown company choose to stay in the USA.

“There’s a recession, you lose your job after 32 years, and get diagnosed with cancer. What do you do? Build a ski/snowboard factory in Park City. File a patent for an innovative molding process so you can manufacture in the US and hire American labor. Affirm the natural collaboration of art and action sports with your name—RAMP—Riders Artists Musicians Project. Be green and use superior, non-toxic materials. Recycle and Reuse. Let artists make sculptures from factory by-products. Win gear-test medals for skis the very first year. Beat cancer. Spread the high altitude happiness you started.”

Mirus has no stake in RAMP Sports.  I just think the RAMP story is one that we all should hear.

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