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Venture Capital Trends 2006-2009

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from Cooley Godward Kronish LLP (www.cooley.com)

Earlier this year, the law firm of Cooley Godward Kronish LLP published their annual Venture Financing Report (2009 Year in Review).   The report details trends observed in their review of 376 completed deals in 2009; 328 in 2008; 343 in 2007; and,  351 completed deals in 2006.

Link to Full Report:  http://www.cooley.com/files/75608_VF2009Q4.pdf

This report provides a summary of data, reflecting Cooley’s experience in venture capital financing terms and trends. Information was taken from transactions in which Cooley served as counsel to either the issuing company or the investors.

In looking back on 2009, the fourth quarter showed significant improvement over the prior three quarters of the year. Of particular note was the increase during the fourth quarter in median pre-money valuations and the percentage of up-rounds, as well as in the number of deals and the aggregate dollars raised. As a result of the fourth quarter improvement, Cooley compared this timeframe to the prior three quarters of 2009, as well as prior years.

Regular readers of these reports will find the data they are accustomed to receiving in the Annex at the end of this report, along with other statistical data collected for the current period.