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Strategic Advisory Services

Mirus provides strategic counsel to business owners and corporate boards seeking ways to increase shareholder value through improved decision-making. The Mirus Strategic Audit goes beyond financial performance to evaluate potential growth scenarios. We analyze your market opportunity, competitive position and opportunities for expansion and what, if any, transactions will advance your business plan and valuation goals. We also connect you with appropriate financing and other resources to help make your business growth and expansion strategies a reality.

Mirus is a leading independent financial advisor to business owners and corporate boards, with more than 25 years of experience in reviewing strategic alternatives, sizing markets and business opportunities, evaluating transactions, and valuing strategic assets. All of our partners have extensive operating, as well as investment banking, experience, which allows us to provide a unique perspective on what it takes to grow, finance and ultimately realize the value of your business.

Strategic Audits can be completed in as little as 30 days when the mandate is to offer a recommendation on a specific opportunity, but often involve a broader overview where Mirus may make recommendations on organizational structure, sales and marketing strategy, balance sheet issues, and strategic alternatives for the business.

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