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E-commerce and retail businesses compete on the basis of brand, product selection, pricing and the sophistication of the e-commerce and retail platform and on-line marketing. Mirus’ e-commerce & retail practice focuses on growing direct marketers that target consumers, institutions or businesses. Each business model – drop ship, virtual or self-warehoused – has unique dynamics and levers employed to maximize sales and profits. Our team, led by Stuart Rose, is expert in articulating and positioning the key success factors of each type of business.  Stuart has over 15 years of investment banking experience selling e-commerce and direct marketing companies, an additional 9 years leading e-commerce and direct-to-consumer businesses, and taught direct marketing at the college level.  He understands the challenges and strengths of most e-commerce organizations and can effectively communicate their value proposition. His experience includes successful sell side and buy side transactions for digitally native, catalog, and hybrid models.



Featured Report


An in-depth look at the eCommerce sector for Q1, 2024. Mirus’ partners apply their expertise and experience to take a closer look at industry news, transactions, and state of the industry in our quarterly industry report.