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Food and Beverage

As a food & beverage manufacturer, marketer or distributor you operate in an environment marked by increased risk. Commodity costs for ingredients, energy and freight are volatile and at or near historically high levels, driven by global growth and rising incomes in emerging markets. Consumer preferences (and therefore, retailer preferences) are changing at an ever-quickening pace, creating pockets of growth in an otherwise mature sector and creating a disparity of spending as consumers splurge on organic and allergen-free products while economizing on staples with private label and low-cost brands.

A similar disparity has emerged in valuations of food & beverage companies. Some are thriving, and those firms are valued at high multiples of earnings by larger competitors looking for top line growth and by private equity groups attracted by the annuity-like returns generated by branded products. Others that are stagnant or struggling – whether due to economic trends, lack of a differentiated brand, or less efficient manufacturing – are valued more opportunistically.

To innovate and excel in this uncertain environment, you need a solid financial foundation and a well-crafted plan for growth. Our operating experience, transactional experience and industry knowledge give us a unique perspective with which to advise you on making the right strategic and financial decisions regarding your business in each of these areas of expertise:

  • Branded products
  • Foodservice distribution
  • Ingredients & commodities
  • Natural, organic & allergen-free
  • Private label & contract manufacturing
  • Seafood processing & distribution
  • Specialty foods

Mirus provides direct access to sector-specific expertise, as well as knowledge of, access to and relationships with global buyers and sellers in the food and beverage sector.