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Industrial Manufacturing

US manufacturing is a $2 trillion industry, representing 12% of the economy and providing approximately one in six private sector jobs. The manufacturing sector remains a robust area for private equity investing as well as strategic acquisition. Mirus maintains relationships with some of the largest and most active acquirers in the sector and brings expertise developed over the firm’s 35 year history to each client engagement.

With our middle-market focus, Mirus works with companies in the $10 million to $200 million revenue range in sectors including:

  • Consumer Products
  • Systems manufacturers
  • Component manufacturers
  • Contract “machine shop” manufacturers
  • Metals fabrication and welding
  • Value-added manufacturers
  • Industrial technology
  • Highly engineered branded components
  • Instrumentation

Mirus provides direct access to sector-specific expertise, as well as knowledge of, access to and relationships with global buyers and sellers in the industrial manufacturing sector.