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Raising Early Stage Capital

Team, strategy, culture and opportunity: a motivated & experienced team, the right strategy, a can-do culture and a big opportunity. These critical elements can set a team on the path to success during the first years of a company’s existence, but for many companies, outside capital is the fuel that gets them there faster, before others have the chance to leap ahead of them. Using our network of investors, from angels to professional venture capitalists, Mirus works to fund a select few early-stage companies in an efficient process, enabling the team to keep their focus on the business.

The most successful companies are those with a great team who are enthusiastically pursuing a big opportunity. Partnering with the right investor – one who can help with advice, perspective, introductions and customer development, and whose goals for the business are aligned with the founders – can make the difference between a winner and an also-ran. At Mirus, we work with experienced management teams who have a clear understanding of the market need, a knockout value proposition, and the drive to make it happen.

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