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What are EBITDA adjustments and why do they matter?

While there are many factors that influence the valuation of a business (including size, profit margins, historical growth, growth potential, competitive positioning, and customer concentration), one...

Keeping Score: Can online retailers scale profitably?

I was recently featured in a DigitalCommerce360 article entitled “Keeping Score: Can online retailers scale profitably?”, and with their permission, I am sharing the article below.   Don...

Every Owner Exits – Part III

This month, I conclude my series on exit options (see Part I and Part II) with a discussion of recapitalizations and ESOPs. Recapitalizations Minority recapitalization is a type...

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Key Attributes of E-commerce Buyers

There are many reasons to sell an e-commerce or multi-channel company. Retirement, boredom, diversifying one’s assets, declining results or lack of a viable prospect pool to keep the business going. But when it comes to selecting a particular buyer for the business, there are only three attributes...

April 2023 Middle Market Monitor

Economic indicators showed promise in March, as the unemployment rate remained low, and the Consumer Confidence Index rose slightly. Over the course of the month, the Consumer Price Index rose by 0.1% on a seasonally adjusted basis. The public markets saw a gain with the S&P 500...

Research & Consulting Services Report: Q4 2022

An in-depth look at the Research & Consulting Services sector for Q4, 2022. Mirus' partners use their expertise and experience to take a closer look at industry news, transactions, and state of the industry in our quarterly industry report.