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Every Owner Exits – Part III

This month, I conclude my series on exit options (see Part I and Part II) with a discussion of recapitalizations and ESOPs. Recapitalizations Minority recapitalization is a type...

Every Owner Exits – Part II

As a follow-up to last month's blog, I'd like to share some additional thoughts on exit options.  Below I discuss the options of going public or...

10 Questions with Stuart Rose

Stuart Rose is a Partner at Mirus and a recognized expert in direct marketing and retail investment banking. With over 15 years of deal making experience...

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August 2022 Middle Market Monitor

Economic indicators continued to send mixed signals in July, with the Consumer Confidence Index decreasing by 2.7 points, falling for the third consecutive month, while inflation slowed slightly. The unemployment rate dropped to 3.5% while the labor force participation rate decreased to 62.1%. The U.S Public Markets...

Manufacturing Automation Report: Q2 2022

An in-depth look at the Manufacturing Automation sector for Q2, 2022. Mirus' partners use their expertise and experience to take a closer look at industry news, transactions, and state of the industry in our quarterly industry report.

Preparing an E-Commerce Company for Sale – Part 2

The process of selling an e-Commerce company is very similar to the process of selling most firms. There are four significant phases to this process.