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Technology Enabled Services

The most successful technology enabled service companies leverage technology to improve the efficiencies of their service delivery platforms, to deliver complex software-based and data-driven insights, and to drive superior operational performance vs. competitors. This industry is large and fast-growing, fueled by customers seeking efficiency and cost-savings from outside vendors, as well as rapid advancements in telecommunications and information technology that enable the outsourcing of these services.

Consolidation in this sector is being driven by a number of trends, including accelerating demand for outsourced services, driven by global competition, advances in AI/ML and data analytics, and the explosion of new digital media and data sources that have created opportunities for new information service businesses that collect, analyze and manage information.

This consolidation is evident across the spectrum of companies that provide technology-enabled services, including:

  • Application Development
  • Software-Enabled Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Hosting & Cloud Services
  • Data Processing
  • Electronic Document Discovery (EDD)
  • Managed Services

Mirus provides direct access to sector-specific expertise, as well as knowledge of, access to and relationships with global buyers and sellers in the technology enabled services sector.