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Buying a Distressed Business

Speed, efficiency, and experience are the attributes of successful acquirers of distressed businesses, and Mirus can help you with all three. Speed counts for the seller of any distressed business, so the first buyer to show up with a reasonable offer has a distinct advantage. We can quickly deploy our knowledgeable bankers to advise you on a distressed deal, helping you act fast without acting foolishly.

Efficient evaluation, approval, legal review, and other steps must be done simultaneously, rather than sequentially, in a distressed sale process. We can help you efficiently navigate the exponential complexity involved in buying a distressed business.

Experience shows that distressed companies can be acquired in myriad ways, each with advantages and disadvantages for the seller, its creditors and you. We know the playbook for acquiring distressed assets, equity and debt. We can help you better understand the motivations of each constituency, and thereby help you succeed.

Contact Us to discuss the Mirus sale process, or to learn more about Our Role in Advising Buyers, and how we can help you with Developing an Acquisition Strategy or Financing the Deal.