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Distressed Mergers and Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring

Since 1987, Mirus has advised well over one hundred clients with a business in “distress”.  In some cases, a temporary infusion of capital was required to “bridge” the business to profitability or to a liquidity event. In some cases, a natural disaster, fire, worker strike or other event caused an operational setback. But regardless of the circumstances, business owners and boards of directors look to Mirus for advice when time is short and immediate action is required. Mirus can provide stakeholders with the advice and market information to inform their decision-making process, as well as a solution that can turn that decision into action.

Mirus has an entire team to assist corporate clients in special situations such as the sale of non-core or underperforming business units, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, debt financing, and bankruptcy transactions. In our experience, special situations are brought about by some combination of these circumstances:

  • A setback has resulted in lost revenue, causing the Company to begin burning cash.
  • The company needs to deleverage the balance sheet, fund a growth initiative, or rebuild reserves after losses.
  • An impending debt maturity must be refinanced at a time when the company’s financial condition or market outlook has made capital hard to find.
  • Owners want to buy out one or more shareholders or effect a strategic acquisition.
  • The company wants to reduce headcount or shut down one or more facilities.
  • One or more key executives have departed due to poor health, death, or other reasons.
  • A major customer has been lost or a dispute over an unpaid receivable is causing concern for important creditor constituencies.
  • A failed fundraising initiative has put the company into the “zone of insolvency,” requiring expeditious implementation of one or more corporate finance and/or M&A transactions to preserve value for all stakeholders.

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