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Patrick West featured in Medical Design & Outsourcing: How strong patent portfolios attract strategic investments and deals

David J. Dykeman, Greenberg Traurig and Patrick West, Mirus Capital Advisors

The medical device industry has demonstrated strong and sustainable growth in recent years. Given the aging population, increasing incidence of chronic and lifestyle diseases, emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, and significant investments in R&D and M&A, the medtech sector appears to be in prime health. According to KPMG, the medical device industry’s global annual sales are forecast to rise more than 5% a year to reach nearly $800 billion by 2030. As the industry evolves, medtech companies are making strategic moves to stay ahead in their respective markets.

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Patrick West is a partner and leads the healthcare technology practice at Mirus Capital Advisors where he focuses on helping companies maximize enterprise and exit value. As a former medtech executive, business founder and company director, he brings the perspective of having sat on all sides of the negotiating table allowing unique insights and an informed ability to navigate the deal process.

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