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Since 1987, Mirus has been fortunate to work with clients across a range of industries, geographies and situations. We deeply value the relationships we’ve developed with those clients. Delivering results for business owners who have, through their hard work and perseverance, built successful companies is what we call the “value of accomplishment”. It defines our culture and the way we work, striving every day to create value for our clients who have accomplished so much.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

This collection of videos delivers information needed to help you navigate the uncertain waters of selling a business.

Pre-sale Planning

Planning for a successful exit can be confusing. This video collection delivers advice on what to do for a smooth transaction.

Selecting an M&A Advisor

How do you select an advisor to help you buy or sell a business? These videos explain what characteristics you should look for in an M&A advisor and what questions you should consider asking during the selection process.

Customer Stories

The best way to learn about the Mirus Sale Process is to hear it directly from one of our successful clients. Watch a video from a variety of industry types to see how we deliver exceptional results.


Achieving an exceptional multiple in the sale of your company

We are often asked what it takes to achieve the exceptional multiples that one hears so much about. The 10, 20, 30X revenue outcomes that just make you want to scream, “Why not me? My company is great; I worked hard; My customers love our products; Why can’t I get that kind of valuation?” What does it take to achieve exceptional multiples? This paper explores what defines exceptional multiples, the various elements that come together to achieve a maximum outcome, and a case study of a company that was able to achieve these results.

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