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What is My Business Worth?

Mirus Capital Advisors is pleased to provide this online valuation wizard which will help you better understand the value of your business to a prospective buyer, as well as the key valuation metrics that influence this analysis. Please review the terms of use and fill in the information requested below. You will receive the results by e-mail.

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    What was the company's revenue for the past three years, in dollars?

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    What was the company's gross margin for the past three years?

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    What was the company's operating income (also referred to as EBIT or Pre-Tax Profit)
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    What was the company's combined/total depreciation and amortization expense
    for the past three years?

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    If you expect the business to grow over the next three years, provide your expected annual growth rate for that period (for example 5% would suggest annual growth of 5% per year). If you do not expect growth, enter 0. If you expect the business to contract, enter a negative number (for example, -5%)

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    How would you characterize the company's risk profile and/or future prospects?

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    Our default assumption is that your operating income margin will remain constant in proportion to revenue. If that is not the case, please enter your anticipated operating margin (EBIT or pre-tax profit as a % of sales) for upcoming years.

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    What is the estimated percentage of sales from your top 5 customers?

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    Approximately what percentage of the company's revenue is recurring, if any? (Note: Repeat customers don't necessarily equate to recurring revenue. If you have long-term or evergreen contracts (such as for software maintenance or janitorial services) and do not have to regularly re-bid the work, that would be considered "recurring" revenue.)

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    What was the owners' total compensation (including bonuses and perks)

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    What is the company's current stage of organization growth?



    What is the company's ownership type?

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    Do you have a sales force (not including the CEO)?

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    How many members of the management team earn greater than $90,000 per year?



    Terms of Use

    The Mirus Online Valuation Wizard is a free tool offered to business owners (“Users”) for the sole purpose of better understanding the way that a potential buyer might value their business. This is not a fairness opinion. Neither Mirus Capital Advisors, Inc. nor Mirus Securities Inc. (collectively “Mirus”) makes any representation as to the validity or accuracy of this product. As a User, you agree that you will not rely upon the work product of the Mirus Online Valuation Wizard for the purpose of offering securities, selling securities, or negotiating a transaction involving any transfer of securities. If as a User you wish to receive a formal valuation or a fairness opinion from Mirus, you must contact Mirus directly and enter into a formal engagement agreement that will be signed by both Mirus and User, and will require monetary compensation from User to Mirus.