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Mirus Advises Janis Research Laboratory on the Sale of its Cryogenics Business to Lake Shore Cryotronics

Lake Shore Cryotronics announced the acquisition of Janis Research’s Laboratory Cryogenics business — a move that unites two of the world’s leading providers of cryogenic and material characterization solutions for low-temperature research.

The acquisition of the Woburn, MA, based business enables Lake Shore to now offer Janis Research liquid nitrogen (LN2), liquid helium (LHe), and closed-cycle refrigerator (cryogen-free) cryostats, LHe and cryogen-free superconducting magnet systems, cryogenic and cryogen-free probe stations, and various lab cooling systems.

This acquisition by Lake Shore does not include the Janis dilution refrigerator or He-3 ultra-low temperature (ULT) system product lines. These will be available from JanisULT, a separate, privately-owned company.

“Janis is an ideal fit for Lake Shore,” said Michael Swartz, Lake Shore Cryotronics President and CEO. “They’re highly knowledgeable about the needs of scientists and others working in low-temperature physics and early-stage materials research, and together, we can offer a more complete portfolio of product solutions. We are impressed with the design to customer requirement capabilities of Janis Research.”

Scott Azer, Janis Research’s VP of Business Development, said, “The Janis team is thrilled to become part of a world-class organization like Lake Shore. We see many synergistic product opportunities ahead, combining Lake Shore’s expertise in instrumentation, applications, and system engineering with Janis’ strength in cryogenic system design and fabrication. We look forward to serving the scientific community even more effectively than before, as members of the Lake Shore family.”

“We’re proud to have supported Janis in this important transaction.  The broad scientific instruments space is an exciting market and one in which Mirus is highly experienced,” said Mirus Partner Alan Fullerton.

Janis Research will maintain product development, engineering, manufacturing, and product shipping operations in Woburn, MA.

About Janis Research

Founded in 1961, Janis Research began as a manufacturer of LHe transfer lines and soon expanded its product offering to include cryogenic research equipment, ranging from simple LHe storage Dewars to sophisticated superconducting magnet and low-temperature systems.

About Lake Shore Cryotronics

Leading researchers around the world trust Lake Shore for measurement and control solutions that drive the discovery and development of new materials for tomorrow’s technologies.  In electronics, clean energy, nanotechnology, and many other applications, Lake Shore provides the products and systems needed for precise measurements over a broad range of temperature and magnetic field conditions.  Serving the needs of the research community since 1968 Lake Shore has grown its product solutions to keep pace with evolving interests in scientific exploration, from the physics lab to deep space.

About Mirus

Successful business owners have turned to Mirus Capital Advisors for more than 30 years to help them realize their ultimate accomplishment – the sale of their business.  As a mid-market investment bank focused on mergers and acquisitions, Mirus drives successful deals for companies in the healthcare, business services, industrial, consumer, and technology industries.  Mirus has proven time and again that its deep industry expertise, focus on relationships, thorough preparation and unwavering commitment to every deal lead to meaningful accomplishments for business owners.  For more, visit www.merger.com.

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