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Mirus Client Sweeney Joins Forces with GTR Manufacturing, Expands Capabilities

Our acquisition by GTR radically expands our capabilities, empowering our customers with one-stop access to a comprehensive range of manufacturing solutions and providing our expert team with continued opportunities for success.

“Sweeney is continuing to do what we do best with the added support and backing of a much larger company.” – Chris Sweeney

Incredible Capabilities, Impressive Capacity

As a low- to mid-volume production specialist with prototyping expertise, Sweeney Metal Fabricators is the ideal acquisition partner for Massachusetts-based GTR Manufacturing, whose high-volume production capabilities extend far beyond the average precision metal fabrication company.

Unified under the GTR umbrella, our companies’ combined capabilities establish full-service, in-house solutions for customers seeking one-off to high-volume manufacturing processes for parts destined for industries such as:

  • Electronics

  • Environmental

  • Medical

  • Military

  • Renewable energy

  • Semiconductor

  • Solar

  • …and beyond!

Two Sheet Metal Shops, One Purchase Order

Challenged by increasing demand and limited space, GTR Manufacturing sought to expand its capacity by acquiring a precision metal fabrication company with machining capabilities.

“By bringing Sweeney Metal Fabricators into our fold, GTR Manufacturing is a true one-stop shop for our customers.” – Corinne King – V.P. of GTR Manufacturing.

Whether customers initiate parts production through Sweeney or GTR, they now enjoy complete access to authentic one-stop manufacturing through a single purchase order.

Seamless Solutions

Sweeney customers are still Sweeney customers—only now they enjoy the added value and convenience our integration into GTR Manufacturing enables.

From prototyping to production, customers have a complete selection of services at their fingertips, all accessible via the communication channels they’re accustomed to.

And with the addition of GTR’s resources, Sweeney’s engineering support is better than ever!

A Perfect Partnership

The Sweeney leadership team prioritized shared values and cultural synergy when considering acquisition options, and GTR Manufacturing is—unquestionably—our perfect partner.

Our family-owned shops share a strong focus on employee fulfillment and customer satisfaction, and both businesses have impressive reputations for excellent customer service, superior quality, and on-time delivery.

“After my first visit to GTR Manufacturing, I came back to my team and said, ‘It felt like home.’ Their people, their machines, their product—it was a good fit.” – Chris Sweeney

The Future Is Bright!

Collaboratively, Sweeney and GTR are actively broadening our machining capabilities to better serve our customers with a diverse array of top-tier manufacturing solutions. In addition to expanding our precision machine shop team, our facilities will soon house new state-of-the-art equipment, with further upgrades planned throughout every department.

With our shared vision for continued improvement and advancement, Sweeney and GTR both anticipate a bright future with incredible opportunities to support our customers, develop our processes, and build a foundation for sustained manufacturing success.

“We started out as competitors. Now, here we are, working together! It feels good.” – Chris Sweeney

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