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Morgan Crucible Company has acquired Diamonex

E/M, a subsidiary of The Morgan Crucible Company plc., has acquired Diamonex, Inc., based in Allentown, PA.

Diamonex is a leading international supplier of high performance products, coating services, and equipment based on CVD diamond and diamond-like carbon (DLC) technology. The company provides its enabling technologies to customers in a broad spectrum of markets including automotive, aerospace, retail and business systems, medical and biotechnology equipment, semiconductor fabrication and packaging, and high-density disk drives.

Diamonex has a portfolio of chemical-vapor-deposited Diamond and DLC coatings that meet customer requirements, including abrasion resistance, corrosion protection, low friction and electrical insulation. In addition, Diamonex produces Polycrystalline Diamond substrates that are fabricated into heatspreaders for use in high power laser diode and semiconductor packaging applications. Diamonex’s unique capability to produce Polycrystalline Diamond substrates and Amorphous DLC coatings has yielded improved performance for existing products and has enabled the creation of new products incorporating the extreme properties of these super-hard materials. For more information on Diamonex, please visit their website at www.diamonex.com.

“This acquisition brings a leading-edge technology to E/M. It is in line with our strategy of expanding our range of technically differentiated and added-value coating services” said Bill Megofna, President of E/M. Dr. Fred Kimock, President of Diamonex, adds “We are very pleased with E/M’s acquisition of Diamonex, which will provide additional resources needed to support our growing customer base and ensure our aggressive growth plans. In addition, we see much synergy between our technologies and Morgan Crucible’s world-wide operations and customer base.”

About E/M

E/M engineered coatings are specified for components that are used in a broad range of applications including aerospace, military, automotive, fasteners, electronics, medical, chemical processing, and valves and pumps. E/M is best known for its innovations in solid film lubricants which provide lubrication, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, usage in high temperature and vacuum conditions, increased durability, torque/tension improvement, impact resistance, and EMI/RFI shielding. E/M’s world headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA. E/M applies a wide variety of engineered coatings at facilities in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Hartford, Los Angeles (2), Philadelphia, San Francisco, and the UK (2).

About Morgan Crucible

The Morgan Crucible Company plc., based in the United Kingdom, is a global leader in carbon and ceramic products used by the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, and steel industries. For more information on Morgan Crucible, visit their website at www.morgancrucible.com.

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