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Initiating Coverage of Mergers and Acquisitions in IoT

Mirus Monthly Newsletter: February 2017

Mergers and Acquisitions in Manufacturing Automation 1H 2016

With 2016 now underway, Mirus reaffirms its optimism about opportunities for mergers and acquisitions for 2016. With M&A running at about the same pace as 2015, we see no reason not to finish the year strong and match 2015’s volume of transactions. But, what isn’t apparent from...

Mirus Advises Hayes Management Consulting on Management Led Buy-Out

Mirus Advises ideaPoint in Sale to Anaqua

Mirus Advises Spire Corporation in Sale of its Sun Simulator Business Line to Eternal Sun BV

Alternative Strategies for Negotiating the Highest Value

For most middle market business owners, the sale of their business is a once-in-a-lifetime event that can greatly impact their net worth and impact their family for years to come. The owner’s natural question is,“How should I respond?” But he is really thinking, “Should I ask for...

Achieving an exceptional multiple in the sale of your company

In October of 2014, we blogged about valuing the intangibles of a business. We wrote about achieving value beyond merely what the financials associated with your business would indicate. These intangibles are the qualitative aspects of your business such as vison, product strategy, market leadership, management team...

2015 Mergers & Acquisitions in Manufacturing Automation

The following report explores the performance of the Manufacturing Automation industry in 2015, its sectors, related M&A transactions, and trends in the industry with emphasis on the most acquisitive leaders.

2014 Mergers and Acquisitions in Manufacturing Automation

Mergers & Acquisitions in PLM: Q3 Update

So far in 2014, we have found that not only has the pace of acquisitions been maintained from 2013, but in at least one case it has accelerated.

Mirus Middle Market Monitor October 2014

Mirus Middle Market Monitor September 2014

Mergers & Acquisitions in Manufacturing Automation

This whitepaper provides enlightening qualitative, as well as quantitative analyses, of the Manufacturing Automation industry that will help you track M&A activity, and develop your own strategic buy or sell side transaction plans.

So, How Have You Matured Your Business Lately?

In developing the liquidity planning model, Mirus has compiled a wealth of data based on actual case studies for dozens of companies and transactions that both validate these indicators and are predictive of valuation.

Volatility – The New Normal And Why Liquidity Planning Is A Strategic Necessity

Driven by the economic and political uncertainties of today’s integrated complex global economy, persistent volatility has become the “new normal,” making the days of having a lot of business and economic visibility a thing of the past.