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Healthcare Sector Expertise

The Mirus team has worked with the owners of closely-held companies in multiple segments of the $2.8 trillion US healthcare industry. We benefit from being in the hub of healthcare investing in the US – with one of the most active venture capital communities, global pharmaceutical research centers and leading universities, large medical device companies and innovative med-tech and healthcare services firms.

Healthcare is an active area for M&A and an attractive segment for private equity investing, capturing between 10% and 20% of total global private equity investing each year. The Mirus healthcare team has experience raising capital for growing healthcare businesses and experience in strategic M&A with some of the largest healthcare companies in the industry. We have expertise in all facets of the healthcare market, including:

  • Medical devices
  • Healthcare equipment
  • Healthcare information technology
  • Med-tech
  • Contract research
  • Healthcare staffing
  • Biotech

Mirus provides direct access to sector-specific expertise, as well as knowledge of, access to and relationships with global buyers and sellers in the healthcare sector.


Featured Report

10-Year Review of Med-Tech Funding Trends

The following report explores a 10-year review of Med-Tech funding trends. As it appears that institutional funding has indeed become much more challenging to secure, it raises many important questions.  Among the most pressing are: why it this happening?  Are there other options to secure the funding necessary to be commercially successful?  Download this report by clicking above.