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10 Most Active Strategic Buyers in the Staffing Space

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Staffing Industry Analysts recently released their latest report “2014 List of Companies Looking to Acquire Staffing Firms”.  This study includes self-reported information from strategics about their acquisition desires, but interestingly, it only has information from 2 of the 10 most active strategic acquirers.  Perhaps that’s because the most active strategics have corporate development staff dedicated to identifying acquisition targets, so they don’t need to advertise their desires with SIA. Over the last 5 years, only ten companies reported three or more acquisitions, identified in the table below:


What stands out the most about their acquisitions is that the buyers are mostly sticking to their knitting.  IT staffing firms are buying more of the same; Healthcare staffing firms as well; Diversified staffing firms, well, they’re buying lots of different types of staffing firms.  The one stand-out is On Assignment; historically focused on healthcare, in the last five years they’ve been diversifying into IT as well. If you’d like to talk to me about who the most likely acquirers are for your staffing business, feel free to connect with me directly.  In the meantime, look for my blog next week, where I’ll identify the most active PE firms in the space.