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Small Business and Middle Market Outlook 2010

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Forbes Insights, in association with CIT, recently published the report “U.S. Small Business and Middle Market Outlook 2010”.  Focused on retailers and their suppliers, the report finds that both industries have had to work smarter and run leaner, but they believe that the lessons learned during the recent recession will help position their companies for strong and sustained growth once the economy turns.

Key Findings:  

√       Middle market retailers remain cautiously optimistic and guarded in their outlook.

√       Retail inventory levels are rising, but retailers are doing so carefully. Nearly 60% say their current inventory is higher than it was a year ago.

√       Financing conditions for suppliers appears to be getting better. Two thirds indicate their ability to secure financing has improved over the past year.

√       Retailers’ capital spending will be concentrated on technology; many are looking to expand their Internet channels in lieu of additional brick-and-mortar outlets.

√       Suppliers continue to look for ways to operate more efficiently and manage their cash flow more effectively. While a third say it is easier to manage their cash flow today than it was a year ago, 39% say it is harder.

For the full report, click here:  CIT Small Business Report – 2010